Sunday, November 9, 2014

Resource Management

Let us set aside for a moment the question of becoming an actor,
and ask the question of staying one.

This past month you have recorded your utilization of two important resources:
money and time.

Excluding the subjective sensation of validation,
various resources and their allocation will determine the sustainability
of a system designed, in this case, to preserve ones acting instrument and ability to play.

A resource is a source or supply from which benefit is produced.

Benefits of resource utilization may include increased wealth,
meeting needs or wants, proper functioning of a system, or enhanced well being.

List the resources you utilize.

Economic Resources
list goods and services exchanged to satisfy human (your) needs and wants.

land          physical locations such as place of residence, business or study
labor         human skills, energy, abilities, knowledge and work
capitol      money and the ability to acquire additional resources over time

Biological Resources
list resources living organisms (you) require for


Categorize the resources you utilize.

a biotic       non-living. air, water, gold, printed or digital marketing materials.
biotic          living. plants, animals, their products. people.

potential    known to exist, may exist in the future. talent and ambition.
actual         quantified, qualified and utilized. a resume.

non renewable  can not be replenished once they are depleted. 
&                                       minerals and fossils, time.
renewable          can be replenished or reproduced. 
                                          forests, fisheries, education and inspiration. 

some are perpetual resources like sunlight, air, wind.

tangible resources have a physical existence.

intangible resources such as ideas, brands and intellectual property exist in abstraction. 

Assuming our theatrical ambitions exist within an economic reality,
we must study the management of such resources.

The highest rate at which a resource can be sustainably used is it's sustainable yield.

How do you manage your listed resources?
What is your sustainability yield?

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