Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Good Tracking Board Etiquette

So whenever you email a tracking board - just realize that your email is going out to 600+ people, so be sure the information you're sending or asking for is thoughtful and accurate. People hate spam :). 

Also if you see an email coming from the board that you'd like to respond to, be sure to ONLY respond to the person who is sending the email, and make sure you're not also CCing or sending it to nyuinla@googlegroups.com as that will then send your reply to everyone on the board. 

Entertainment Tracking Boards are primarily used for tracking information - specs, script sales, open writing / directing assignments at studios, new job moves etc. 

While our tracking board could function as such, a lot of people use it more as a resource for finding scripts, information, starting writing groups, housing info, open job opportunities, looking for new roommates etc. 

Here's a few good rules: 
1. Be careful when using REPLY versus REPLY ALL.  In general you don't want to send one-on-one emails to the whole board. 
2. ISO - means In Search Of... 
3. POACHED - means information generally taken from another source.
4. This is a Tracking Board, so if you have information you'd like to send you can email it to nyuinla@googlegroups.com which sends it to our whole network.  You don't need to ask the permission of any of the board managers.  
5. However, if you would like us to send something out (like a job posting or more sensitive information) feel free to email any of the board manager and he'd be happy to help you: Matthew Morgenthaler <mattmorgenthaler@gmail.com>

Job Opportunities 

1. Please READ the job postings carefully.  And follow the instructions.  Assume that most of the people who are sending job postings ARE NOT the person accepting resumes.
2. Especially for people who are doing the "digest" emails, Google has added a word verification program to the email addresses for Spam purposes.  So if you see an email address jd...@xyz.com, obviously it's missing some letters. You can click on the email address, which will take you to a word verification page & then will spit out the full address.  
3. Occasionally some of the information in job postings is outdated.  Especially if the title of the post says POACHED, we probably don't have any more information than what we emailed out.  Sorry!
Entertainment Slang / Lingo
And here's a great run-down of all the silly lingo used in the industry... like ISO and POACHED. But a great list none the less!

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