Friday, July 20, 2018

Advice from the 2017-2018 Mentees

Hey, new mentees! Here are some LA tips from the 2017-2018 cohort:

*Be naive and unapologetically vulnerable and throw yourself into everything with no hopes of getting anything in return. Here it is the things you do that seem like a waste of time that end up being a game changer and starting a relationship that could change your life. But first, really question why you want to do this career path again and continually check in with yourself and ask yourself that question as an adult - if it’s for the wrong reasons, those will always be the reasons you aren’t succeeding. And if you can’t understand what the parking signs mean, just find a meter. 

*Learn to drive! Do lots of networking, everyone is very friendly. Living on the east side is better than living on the west side.

*Take some classes at UCB, or Second City. They're great places to learn about improv and writing, and to make new friends.

*Be patient and approach your goals with flexibility as well as persistence. I would also say to reach out to any and all potential contacts, and be tactful but not shy.

*Say yes to anything. You can learn from a lot of experiences, big or small.

*Keep your mind open, don't get distracted. Do not settle, but don't be unreasonable either. Focus is important!

*Have finished material (scripts, films etc) before you make the move so you have something to show people right out of the gate.

*Find the right neighborhood for you and keep your NYC work ethic, it stands out here :)

*Link up with other NYU alum out on the West Coast. I think it seems like an obvious thing to do, but I didn't do it until the mentorship program rolled around. As soon as I went to the first mixer and linked up with classmates I hadn't seen in a while, many opportunities came my way.

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